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Get A Dedicated Bookkeeper:

We assign a dedicated certified bookkeeper and a backup personnel to your account. This dedicated bookkeeper will only be the bookkeeper that will work on your account.

Get An Outsourced Accountant:

The accountant will categorize your bank transactions into your QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks desktop, reconcile and prepare the necessary financial statements.

Get Tax Ready Financials (Monthly/Year-End):

Manager will review the categorized transactions for accuracy, organize all financial statements into a Monthly and Year End Financial Packages for you and your CPA who will need to file your taxes.

Get A Dedicated Team Manager (Communicate):

The team manager will be a point of contact for all your accounting questions via phone or email. You can also contact your bookkeeper/accountant over skype and email.

Hire offshore bookkeeper for your business at per hour Affordable Cost

Whereas our offshore bookkeeping service enables you to have your own dedicated resources in the India. So, we welcome to Offshore Bookkeeping. As as outsourced accountant, we help you add value to your clients and build the global firm of the future through accounting outsourcing. Actuit's Offshore bookkeeping is a great solution to solve staffing issues and expand your business. We are the #1 outsourced accountant provider in New Delhi, India.

Average Accountant Hourly Wage in United States and Cananda

Accountants earn a median hourly wage of $35.12. Hourly wages typically start from $21.54 and go up to $60.90. Source:

You can get an Accountant at upto 70% less with Offshore Bookkeeping

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